We Remember the May 20th and 31st Tornadoes

We Remember … We Are Oklahoma Strong

It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since violent tornadoes ravaged the communities of Moore, Bethel Acres and El Reno, not to mention a huge swath of central Oklahoma. Who can forget the images of the school children at Plaza Towers Elementary? Or the faces of the good Samaritans who rushed to help in the midst of the devastation? So many lives were lost on those days, and millions of dollars in home and vehicle losses were reported. Our wounds are healing and new homes are going up — signs of the resilience of Oklahomans — but we know there are so many who are still waiting for help.

Some insurance companies didn’t come through for their customers. If you are one of those, we want to help. It’s been long enough.

If your home or vehicle was damaged by the storms, it’s time to get the help you need. You signed up for insurance, trusting the company to be there for you when disaster struck. You dutifully made payments, but the insurance company hasn’t provided the benefits you paid for or has dragged its heels. Vassar Law can help you get your benefits so you can rebuild and get back on the road.

Bad faith insurance claims include:

  • When the insurance company forces you to unusually long delays in handling a claim
  • When there is inadequate investigation of a claim
  • When threats are made against an insured person
  • When the insurance company refuses to make a reasonable settlement offer
  • When the insurance company makes unreasonable interpretations of an insurance policy

Vassar Law is standing with you, and together, we are Oklahoma Strong.

Call the Vassar Law Firm now at 800-522-9443 to start your case.

No money upfront. You don’t pay anything until we win.

At Vassar Law Firm, we hear stories every day about Oklahomans being denied the insurance benefits they signed up for. Our attorneys are ready to help you with your bad faith insurance claim case. They understand Oklahoma law and can go into the courts for you.

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