Late Summer Dangers … then, Back-to-School

So, here we are. The last few weeks of summer.

There’s still time to jump in the pool, grill some burgers and hot dogs, and mow the perfect diagonal design into your yard.

But it also means there are still some dangers to watch out for.

Did you know that barbecue grill flare-ups and lawnmower backfires can be the main causes of injury in the summer months Not to mention being out on one of Oklahoma’s lakes, where boating accidents and drownings can happen in an instant.

We want you to have the best send-off for summer, so be sure to take precautions wherever you are. Oh, and if you’re going out to a party, make sure you have a designated driver if you’ll be drinking.

Other than that, slather on the non-flammable sunscreen, lounge in the pool, light the Tiki-torches, fire up the grill and watch some end-of-summer fireworks (in case you missed them on the Fourth of July, or even if you didn’t!). Let’s celebrate summer’s end responsibly. After all, it won’t be long before the school zone speed limit signs start flashing.


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